This week, we are welcoming some of our Year 12 students back to Mirfield College. Following extensive training and preparation, the college building has been adapted to ensure students are safe when studying.

We have taken feedback from students who have been in college already this week to see how they felt their time back in college went. Here is some of the super feedback we have received:

I learnt a lot” – (Sport student)

It was very helpful, it was engaging” – (DT Student)

I feel very safe and the work was very engaging” – (Sport Student)

It was good I got a good amount of work done” –  (DT Student)

Mirfield College is T T T TERRIFIC!!!” – (Business Student)

Mr Ewen helped me understand what I am doing now and I have a better understanding” –  (Sport Student

It was helpful, good use of time, learnt a lot” – (Maths Student)

Coming to college was like a step closer out of a dark tunnel” – (Applied Science Student)

A surprisingly engaging experience, it was good to get out of doing all my work in my room and having my teacher if i need help” – (Applied Science Student)

I have learned how to use a pen again. Gives us great opportunities to meet face to face and have conversations with other students and subject teachers, really helped to understand things” – (Health and Social Student)

“I have enjoyed being able to interact with my friends and teachers and work differently through booklets, online work and through class discussions with our class notes and teachers” – (Health and Social Student)

“It was lovely being in college and I have never been this happy before. It brought a big smile on my face being here. I learnt so much and it did work” – (Health and Social Student)

“It has been good and beneficial getting on the software with teacher guidance. Could benefit from another session. Mrs Furniss has helped us a lot coming up with new ideas and techniques” – (Media Student)

We are looking forward to welcoming more students back to college over the coming weeks! If you have any questions about your return to college, please email