Last week, Mirfield College sent a group of Year 12 & 13 Physics students to visit Oxford, for a spectacular experience in all-things-Physics. Described as “great ambassadors for the College”, the students explored the Oxford Natural History Museum – amongst others around town – followed by a Thursday night dinner and attendance to the ‘Particle Physics Master Class’ alongside hundreds of other students from around the country. The students were also toured around the Diamond Light Source – an internationally renowned facility – to produce x-rays and analyse substances; using technology of which is mostly unique to the site.

As a result of this bespoke experience, students at Mirfield College now have a surplus of knowledge on the progression of laser, technology, medical and space research which will be invaluable in their continued A-level studies and beyond.

 Also, we should say a big ‘congratulations’ to Cameron, our very own ‘Peter Higgs’ at Mirfield College. He came joint 1st in ‘Particle Physics Competition’ to top off a brilliant trip. We are delighted to give such an ‘impeccable’ (as described by Ms. Kirk) group of students this opportunity, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

 As always, a big thank you to Mr. Culshaw for being an excellent support, as well as all who attended and organised the visit