A Level, Law


A Level, Law

The study of Law is ideal for anyone who is interested in the diverse and ever changing society in which we live. Students will cover topics essential for understanding law and the legal system, and how it operates in society. This is complemented by extra-curricular activities such as a visit to Parliament and the ‘Galleries of Justice’ in Nottingham. The course introduces students to law making and the legal system, court structure and procedure, and the concept of liability. Students will also focus on the area of criminal law, and explore the morality and concepts of law.

Course Outlines

Entry Requirements

Grade 4 in GCSE English Language and Grade 4 in a traditional GCSE written subject (e.g. History, English Literature etc.)

Three external examination papers which are equally weighted.
Course Units

Law – Making and The Legal System:

The Nature of Law and How Law Is made in the UK

How Local Authorities and other bodies make Law

Judicial Precedent

Statutory Interpretation

The Role of Civil Courts and how disputes are resolved by alternative methods

The Role of the Criminal Courts and how Juries and Magistrates are used

The Nature of the Legal Profession

The System of Judiciary In England and Wales

Human Rights


Criminal Law:

Basic Concepts in Criminal Liability

Fatal and Non-Fatal Offences against the Person

Criminal Court Procedure

The Law of Tort

Liability for Negligence

Civil Court Procedure


Occupiers Liability

The Nature of Law and the English Legal System

Future Opportunities

A Level Law will provide you with a good foundation if you choose to pursue a law degree and will also provide exemption from some professional examinations including Legal Executives (Cilex), Banking and the Civil Service. Whilst it is not essential to have studied law prior to taking a degree in the subject, having done so makes degree level study of law making, the English Legal System and Criminal Law modules at university much easier to understand.

A level law is also a useful qualification for those interested in careers in teaching, the NHS, police, social and probation services, media, business and banking.
Previous students have gone on to study law, social work, criminology, nursing, business and accounting.

Further Information

To be a successful Law student you need enthusiasm, determination and a willingness to work in teams, and share ideas and knowledge. In addition, if you are interested in the legal system, care about what’s going on in the country and how it affects individuals and society, then A Level Law is the course for you. In addition, an inquisitive mind, effective analytical skills, an enjoyment of reading lengthy texts and the ability to write detailed essays are essential for success in this course.

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