CV Explained

A CV is a short, written summary of your skills, achievements and experience. You use it in the first stage of applying for jobs. Employers often ask for a CV instead of an application form. You can do it on paper or online.

Why you use a CV

It’s your first chance to promote yourself to an employer. A good CV will get you to an interview. Use it to apply for advertised jobs, or to introduce yourself to employers you’d like to work for. They may have unadvertised vacancies.

CV Tips

Employers get lots of CVs to look at and have to decide quickly who they are going to interview. Here are some tips to make your CV stand out for all the right reasons.
When writing your CV remember:

• research the company and the job before you start

• choose a CV style that fits your situation or one that employers in that type of job prefer

• word-process your CV and use clear lettering like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri, size 11 or bigger – always use the same style throughout

• use headings, bullet points and spacing to break information up to make it easier to read

• keep it to 2 sides of A4

• be clear and to the point

• match the words you use to the keywords in the job description or advert

• get someone else to read it to double check your spelling and grammar

• save a copy, including a final pdf version for emailing

• always send your CV with a cover letter

Martin Bowers – Careers Advice Officer