Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


What is an EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a level 3 (A Level standard) qualification. It involves choosing a topic, carrying out research, then creating EITHER a 5,000 word report OR a ‘product’ + a 1,000 word report. After that you must deliver a small 10-15 minute presentation to a group of non-specialists about your topic.

Why should I study an EPQ?

The EPQ allows you to develop your personal interest in a topic you care about. The skills you’ll develop as a result of doing the EPQ (e.g. project planning, research, decision making, record keeping, evaluation, presenting) are invaluable in most jobs and university courses. Plus, it helps when applying for university as it demonstrates your commitment to a subject and allows you to develop the independent research skills needed for undergraduate study.  When you receive an interview from your desired university, it gives you key information to talk about that has purpose and demonstrates clearly your passion and broader experience of the subject area.

Is it worth UCAS points?

Yes, it’s worth half an A Level. An A* in the EPQ is worth 70 UCAS points, an A 60, B 50, C 40, D 30 and an E 20.

Does the topic have to be related to my A Levels?

No. It can be anything you want, within reason. Start thinking about your own interests and passions, the environment around you and organisations and activities you’re a part of. Or maybe you have really strong views about certain issues like human rights or animal welfare? Then there’s your future university choice or career path. And what about your subjects? Don’t duplicate what you’ve already done at A Level, instead choose an aspect of a subject that has intrigued you or a theme that is shared in more than one of your subjects.

 Here are some examples of previous students’ work:

  • A dissertation that analyses a debate or issue
  • Short story or (very short) book
  • Dramatic performance
  • Website or program
  • Piece of art/clothing or garment
  • Short film or media clip
  • Model or something you’ve made