Sam Singh, from the Alzheimer’s Society, visited Mirfield College today to explain the common perceptions of dementia, and truths in turn. Some of our year 12 Health and Social Care students, now all ‘Dementia Friends’, enjoyed a series of interactive tasks based on how the disease may affect someone – such as listing the components to making a cup of tea, and how something as simple as this can be complicated by dementia. Where at the beginning, many of the students’ association with dementia were things such as ‘memory loss’ and ‘forgetfulness’, our students learnt that dementia is a progressive disease of the brain. The students were captivated by how dementia can affect people in so many ways, thus appointing themselves another session with the Alzheimer’s Society; where they will discuss more about the importance on understanding the disease to prepare for their aspiring careers in Health and Social Care. A huge thank you to Sam and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.