“The Board of Governors, Executive Principal, staff and students of Mirfield College (MFG Academies Trust) are delighted with students’ results at A Level and BTEC.

Head of Mirfield College, Vicky Chambers said, ‘We are overjoyed for our students. These grades are a result of the hard work of our students and the dedication of the staff, who have supported them.’

This year’s top performers were from Alex (A*,A*,A), Megan (A*,B,B), Muhammad  (Dist*,Dist*,Dist*,Dist*), Aatifah (A*,Dist,Dist), James (A,B,Dist*), Hamza (Dist*,Dist*,C), Paul (A,B,Dist*), Lily (A,A,B), Francesca (Dist*,A,C) and Morgan (B,B,B)

Other notable successes came from Laura (A,B,C), Rebecca (A,B,C) Kirstie (B,Dist*,Dist), Shawna (B,B,C), Samuel (A,C,M), Joseph (A,B,C), Grace (Dist*,B,Dist), Alexandra (B,B,C) and Milly (Dist*,Dist,C)

Mrs Lorraine Barker, Executive Principal of The MFG Academies Trust said ‘Our results today are an excellent reflection of the students’ dedication and I am very proud of their achievements. I wish all our students every success for their future’.”