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Spanish A Level will enable students to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish Language. Being able to speak a second language with a level of confidence is a key skill which is transferable to a range of different careers. Spanish A Level will ignite the passion to explore both Spanish culture and history by studying a book and a film throughout the 2-year course at Mirfield College.

There is no more effective way to developing communication skills than through conversation, which is why alongside high-quality lessons, students are lucky enough to have a timetabled conversation session with our native Spanish speaker, who will make sure students feel confident communicating in any topic.

Having A Level Spanish will place any student at the front of the pack, no matter which subjects it is paired it with. Having any language in your repertoire ensures you are able to take on the world! After A Level Spanish, what would be next? 

















Course Outlines

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Spanish



Assessment – how will it be assessed

Paper 1 – Listening, reading and translation (40%)

Paper 2 – Written response to works and translation (30%)

Paper 3 – Speaking (30%)


Course Units

There are four main topics with encompass A-Level Spanish:

1. The evolution of Spanish society
In this topic you will explore and give your opinion on attitudes towards marriage, being in a relationship, the world of work in Spain and attitudes towards child labour and equality of the sexes

2. Political and artistic culture in Spanish speaking countries
In this topic you explore this theme across Spanish speaking countries. You explore changes, trends and the impact of music on culture, as well as the right of expression and the impact it has on society and politics. Finally, you will look at festivals, customs and traditions.

3. Immigration and the multicultural Spanish society
The third topic gives more information on the positive impact immigration has on Spanish society, as well as the contributions it has on economy and culture. You also are able to look at the challenges that immigrants face such as marginalisation and seclusion. Finally, you look further into the political perspective towards immigration.

4. The Franco dictatorship and the transition to democracy
The final topic covers political culture and there are three overarching themes in this topic; the civil war and the ascension of Franco, the Franco dictatorship and the transition from dictatorship to democracy.

You will also study a Spanish book and a Spanish film throughout your journey studying A Level Spanish


Future Opportunities

Having a language at A Level propels you to the front of the line and helps you to stand out compared to another candidate with similar qualifications.

When you think of applying to universities, you are able to study combined degrees, where you learn two subjects at once, or you could even pick up a new language. A number of universities which offer this is ever growing.

If you are thinking of working in another country, this valuable experience will help you feel more confident communicating in another language.

A combination of a language with a subject such as maths, engineering or law is highly desirable from employers and the demand is ever growing. You could be the link with a company in another country!

Employers want someone who is willing to take that extra step, through your studies there may be opportunities to travel to Spain and perhaps undergo a work experience placement, adding valuable experience to your repertoire.

Going back to university, you can pair a language A Level up with a tourism, translation, business or communications degree. Or you could continue to learn your subject at degree level. The possibilities are endless!


Further Information

Alongside a work experience placement, you will have the opportunity to go on an exciting trip to Spain to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, enabling yourself to communicate in the language as well as put knowledge taught to you in lessons to the test!