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Professional Placements

All of our Year 12 students embark upon a  Professional Placement week (work experience) which enables them to develop and evidence the knowledge and skills required in order to secure the university course or higher level apprenticeship of their choice.

We’ve developed relationships with more than 250 local and national employer partners across the UK, giving our students access to placement opportunities in a wide range of industries.

This post 16 Professional Placement enables students to access to a range of opportunities within the career field of their choice. As students are older the demands and experiences are more exciting and challenging, providing students with real insight into their potential future career. During their placement students also embark on an interview with a real employer to practise and refine the skills they have developed within the college Professional Placement preparation programme.


Leeds Dental Hospital

I chose to complete my Professional Placement at Leeds Dental Institute to gain a deeper insight into what I hope to study at university. Having had previous work experience at the Institute, I was excited to build on my knowledge of Dentistry as well as understand and develop my interpersonal skills. I learnt that communication and teamwork were essential in order for the flow of any procedure, ensuring that the patient is always the main priority. During my time at the Institute, I developed my communication and teamwork skills through the observation of complex procedures (e.g. root canal and crown fitting), asking questions to the current dental students and attending workshops where I learnt about the importance of the holistic team effort in Dentistry. 


Northern Riding Centre

I chose to do my work experience at a riding school because I have always had a passion for horses. I enjoyed doing my placement at Northern Riding Centre because I enjoy riding and getting stuck into challenging situations that it can bring like jumping which was out of my comfort zone to begin with. I learnt many valuable skills which I will be able to adapt when pursuing my future career.


Oakwood Pharmacy

During my time at Oakwood Pharmacy I had the chance to gain team work skills by working with qualified pharmacists. I developed my communication skills as I was regularly serving customers, helping with prescriptions and making phone calls. I further developed my IT skills by placing medicine orders and generating labels for prescription packages. Overall, I really enjoyed my work experience as it gave me a good insight into working in a medical setting – Warisha

Yorkshire Building Society

I chose Yorkshire Building Society for my work placement because I study BTEC Business so thought this would give me more insight into how businesses work. I worked with the Business Assistant in the office and developed many skills such as teamwork, organisation and strong communication skills. The work placement helped me decide that I want to study Business and work in the Business field in the future – Habiba


Kirkwood Hospice

I chose to do my work experience at Kirkwood Hospice because I have always had the ambition to improve people’s quality of life. I enjoyed working at the hospice as I got to experience working in a wide range of departments such as the charity shop, the in-patient unit, the support and therapy unit and the kitchen. This experience widened my knowledge and allowed me to develop key skills that I will be able to use when pursuing my future career in Midwifery – Jasmine

Diamond Wood Academy

For my Year 12 work placement I went to a primary school. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in school as working as a primary school teacher is a career I would love to go into. I gained skills of being independent and understanding how to teach young children. My time spent at the school made me realise that being a teacher is something I would love to do as I loved supporting children and seeing how each child is different and develops at different rates. While I was there, I was shadowing a teacher and completing tasks that were set for me each day which included listening to children read and helping them with writing and maths. This placement made me realise that you need to be patient and encourage children to carry on working by praising them – Sannash


Howarth & Co

For my work experience I went to a law firm as I have always had an intrigue in law. It gave me a great insight into a working environment – Ramaine

Newsome High School

I did my work experience at a secondary school where I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the English and History department. I found helping students very rewarding and as much as I enjoyed it, I realised that teaching isn’t my desired career – Kayley


My work experience helped me to develop my communication skills as it allowed me the opportunity to interact with a variety of people – Humairaa



Taylor Price Solicitors

I chose to go to Taylor Price Solicitors as I wanted to learn more about property law and the different divisions of it. I drafted up leases, attended evictions and went to court to observe forms getting signed. This gave me a good insight into property law and helped me develop confidence as I was trusted with confidential information – Adam

Warwick Road Primary School

In Year 12 I completed a work placement at a primary school. During my placement, I was given the responsibility to supervise activities and support children’s reading. It was really good to be part of the profession as I was enduring the role of the teacher by supporting children’s learning. Overall, this placement allowed me to improve my communication skills and develop patience – Fozia