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A Level, Geography

Core to this engaging subject is the study of how the earth’s places, societies, environments, and landscapes are interrelated and connected in the 21st Century. This course explicitly captivates human populations over space and time and the relationship they have with their physical environment on a variety of scales, from the local to the global.

It allows students to reflect on how decisions made must be sustainable for future generations and the potential impact of these choices. The course requires five fieldwork days, studying both physical and human geography. Topics covered throughout the course include; Coasts, Ecosystems Under Stress, Water and Carbon Cycles, Global Systems and Global Governance, Changing Places and Contemporary Urban Environments.





Course Outlines

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Geography with Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics.



  • Component 1 – External Examination = 40%
  • Component 2 – External Examination = 40%
  • Component 3 – Internal Assessment – moderated by AQA = 20%


Course Units

  • Coastal Systems and Landscapes
  • Changing Places
  • Contemporary Urban Environments
  • Geographical Skills
  • Ecosystems under stress
  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Global Systems and Governance
  • Geographical Fieldwork Investigation


Future Opportunities

Geography is highly valued by universities as an A Level choice. The course combines well with art, science, law and business. Previous students have gone on to study Geography and its related subjects at degree level and have pursued careers in education, management and journalism.


Further Information

Students need to have good communication and written skills, be able to work as part of a team, and demonstrate problem-solving and numeracy skills. They will learn in a wide variety of ways: using maps, GIS skills, data analysis, photographs, videos, podcasts, as well as attending lectures and study days, and will be encouraged to use higher level thinking skills and show a grasp of complex issues. They will also be able to take part in a 4 day residential trip and plan and execute an independent Geographical investigation.