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Further Mathematics

A Level, Further Maths

A Level Further Mathematics provides an opportunity for enthusiastic and talented mathematicians to take a second A-Level in Mathematics. Students who take this course must have also chosen to study A-Level Mathematics and have a keen interest in studying a broader range of mathematical topics. It is the ideal course for students intending to study mathematics at University as it will extend the topics covered at A-Level Mathematics and introduce new topics.

Students who study further maths must be able to pick up new ideas quickly and link them to other topics. In addition, they should have the capacity to work well independently to develop their skills.

50% of the assessment will be based on students’ understanding of Pure Mathematics and builds upon the topics in A-Level Maths The remaining 50% involves a choice of 2 out of 8 optional units. These units are either Statistics, Mechanics, Decision Maths or more Pure Maths.



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Course Outlines

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics and Grade 4 in GCSE English Language.



Four external examinations:

Core pure Maths = 50%

Decision or Mechanics or Stats or Further Pure Maths = 50%


Course Units

Compulsory Pure Maths:


Complex numbers


Further algebra and functions

Further calculus

Further vectors

Polar coordinates

Hyperbolic functions

Differential equations


Optional Statistics:

Poisson Distribution

Geometric Distribution

Central Limit Theorem

Chi Squared Test

Continuous Probability Distributions

Spearman’s Rank

Confidence Intervals


Optional Mechanics:


Work, Power and Energy

Elastic Collisions

Motion in a Circle

Further Dynamics

Further Kinematics


Optional Decision Maths:

Graph Theory


Critical Path Analysis

Linear Programming


Optional Further Pure Maths:

Further Trigonometry

Further Differential Equations

Coordinate Systems


Matrix Algebra

Number Theory

Further Sequences and Series


Future Opportunities

Most students who successfully completed this course have gone on to study mathematics at University. It is desirable for many degree course in mathematics and will make you stand out in related courses, such as engineering and physics.


Further Information

If you have a passion for mathematics and are keen to deepen your knowledge and study a wider range of topics then A-Level further maths is for you.

As the content of the course is flexible studying A-Level Further mathematics offers a unique opportunity to adapt the curriculum to include more of the topics which interest you.